My wish: Let March make your life  as colourful as Roses

Chandigarh just had its popular Rose Festival. Not only the Sector 16 Rose Garden is in full bloom, many others who love plants and spend time in their kitchen gardens, are also witnessing splash of beautiful colours with Roses and seasonal plants in full bloom. My friend Kirpal Singh of Gurudev fame shared some of his latest clicks. I in return share his awesome clicks with you all to wish you a lovely March, the month of Holi, when many of you love to play colours with your near and dear ones. It is time to enjoy nature at its flowering best in this period of Spring. Unfortunately, some of Spring and Holi festivities have been overshadowed by events elsewhere, especially the Russia-Ukraine war. We all have been looking forward to an end to Corona and Omicron pandemics but now military conflicts are heaping another misery upon innocent and peace loving people. Let us all pray and hope better sense will prevail and we all enjoy beauty of nature at its best.  It is time to enjoy Paralympics in Beijing and sporting events worldwide. In Punjab and four other Indian States, including Uttar Pradesh, both voters and candidates  must be looking forward to the results on March 10. Hopefully, all the five States will have stable governments that will work for the betterment of a common man  and usher in an era of peace, development and overall growth. Stay safe stay happy stay healthy and stay natural. Good day. Keep in touch and make your home page. I promise I shall keep you updated on issues that interest you all. Let positivity marks our march ahead in March. Good Day