Do not hurt Hindus by calling it Swastika, says Canadian MP 

A ruling party MP representing Nepean riding in the capital city of Ottawa has taken exception to use of word “Swastika” as symbol of “hatred”.

Several Canadian leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, frequently condemned display of “Swastikas” and “Nazi flags” during the siege of Ottawa by the agitating truckers.

Agitating truckers have already been cleared from the Parliament Hill and other areas. They were demanding freedom from mandates.

Raising the issue in House of Commons, Mr. Chandan Arya of the ruling Liberal Party, urged the Canadians not to confuse the sacred Hindu symbol of “Swastika” with the hatred symbol of the Nazis called Hakenkreuz in German or the hooked cross in English.

Addressing members of House of Commons on Monday, Mr. Chander Arya said: “On behalf of one million Canadians of several religious faiths and in particular Hindu Canadians and as a Hindu Canadian myself, I call upon members of this House and all Canadians to distinguish between the Hindu religious sacred symbol Swastika and the Nazi symbol of hatred called Hakenkreuz in German and the hooked cross in English.

“In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, Swastika means ‘that which brings good luck and well-being’. Please stop calling the Nazi symbol as Swastika.

“We support the ban of the Nazi symbol of hatred. But calling it Swastika is to deny Hindu Canadians our religious right and freedom of our sacred symbol Swastika in our daily life.

“The ancient and greatly auspicious symbol of the Hindu religion continues t be used today at our Hindu temples, in our religious and cultural rituals, entrances to our homes in our daily life,” he added.

His address has been welcomed by various Hindu Organizations of North America in general and Canada in particular. He later tweeted his speech.

* Prabhjot Singh is a veteran journalist with over three decades of experience covering a wide spectrum of subjects and stories. He has covered  Punjab and Sikh affairs for more than three decades besides covering seven Olympics and several major sporting events and hosting TV shows. For more in-depth analysis please visit  or follow him on